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Tagebuch-Notizen, Amerika-Reise (Pasadena 1931-32).

Archival Call Number: 5-258
Begin Date: 1931-12-03
End Date: 1932-02-04
Main Author: Einstein, Albert (Author)
Other Persons: DuMond, Jesse William Monroe (Mentioned in), Schmidt-Elskop, Arthur (Mentioned in), Petschnikoff, Lilli (Lilly, Lili) (Mentioned in), Veblen, Oswald (Mentioned in), Schrödinger [Schroedinger], Erwin (Mentioned in), Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa, Tatiana (1876-1964) (Mentioned in), Geissler, Mr. (Mentioned in), Koch-Grünberg, Theodor (Mentioned in), Röntgen [Roentgen], Wilhelm Conrad (Mentioned in), Born, Max (Mentioned in), Mooney, Thomas J. (Mentioned in), Simon, Francis, Sir (Mentioned in), Schmidt, Albrecht Karl (Mentioned in), Spengler, Oswald (Mentioned in), Ortega y Gasset, José [Jose] (Mentioned in), Fokker, Adriaan Daniël (Mentioned in), Adams, Edwin P. (Mentioned in), Götz [Goetz], Alexander (Physicist) (Mentioned in), Götz [Goetz], Mrs. (Mentioned in), Borsig, Johann Friedrich August (Mentioned in), Robinson, Henry M. (Mentioned in), Rodzinski, Artur (Mentioned in), Freud, Sigmund (Mentioned in), Mendel, Toni (Mentioned in), von Hofmann, August Wilhelm (Mentioned in), Tolman, Richard Chace (Mentioned in), Darwin, Charles (Mentioned in), Millikan, Robert Andrews (Mentioned in), Brüning [Bruening], Heinrich (Mentioned in), Andersen, Hans Christian (Mentioned in), Kirchner, Mr. (Mentioned in), Beek, Otto (Mentioned in), Kirchner, Mrs. (Mentioned in), Bloch, Ernest (Mentioned in), Koffler, Dosio (Mentioned in), Wilhelm II, German Emperor (Mentioned in), Euclid (Mentioned in), Fleming, Arthur H. (Mentioned in), Crommelin, Claude August (Mentioned in), Mayer, Walther (Mentioned in), Rosenwald, Mr. (Mentioned in), Kleinsmid, Rufus Bernhard von (Mentioned in), Schurman, Jacob Gould (Mentioned in), Hoover, J. Edgar (Mentioned in), Rockefeller, John D. Jr. (Mentioned in), Hoffmann, Banesh (Mentioned in), Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike (Mentioned in), Leeuwenhoek, Anton van (Mentioned in), Thonnard-Neumann, E. (Mentioned in), Friedell, Egon (Mentioned in), Miss Dennis (Mentioned in), Epstein, Paul Sophus (Mentioned in), Heller, Erich (Mentioned in), Julius, Willem H. (Mentioned in), Andree, Mr. (Mentioned in), Sitter, Willem de (Mentioned in), Hubble, Edwin P. (Mentioned in), Rocco, Alfredo (Mentioned in), Kastein, Josef [Katzenstein, Julius] (Mentioned in), Dumond, Jesse, Ehrenfest, Tatiana (1876-1964), Ehrenfest-Afanaseva, Tatiana (1876-1964), Geissler, Gustav, Röntgen [Roentgen], Wilhelm C., Mooney, Tom, Adams, Edwin, Epstein, Paul S., Kastein, Josef
Language: German
Archival Location: The Albert Einstein Archives, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Israel , Jerusalem
Number of Pages: 12.
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