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Archival Call Number: 5-158
Begin Date: 1952-01-16
End Date: 1952-01-16
Main Author: Pratt Fairchild, Henry (Author)
Fairchild, Henry Pratt
National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions (Author)
National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions
Other Persons: National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions (Author), Einstein, Albert (Receiver), Soyer, Moses (Mentioned in), Panofsky, Erwin (Mentioned in), Scott, Adrian (Mentioned in), Odets, Clifford (Mentioned in), Motley, Willard (Mentioned in), Morrison, Philip (Mentioned in), Moore, Sam (Mentioned in), Montague, William Pepperell (Mentioned in), Menin, Samuel D. (Mentioned in), Meek, William R. (Mentioned in), McManus, John T. (Mentioned in), Sondergaard, Gale (Mentioned in), Emerson, Thomas I. (Mentioned in), Dunham, Barrows (Mentioned in), Dixon, Dean (Mentioned in), De Koven, Daniel (Mentioned in), Soyer, Raphael (Mentioned in), Spencer, Kenneth (Mentioned in), Stern, Eberhard J. (Mentioned in), Strand, Paul (Mentioned in), Sweezey, Paul M. (Mentioned in), Walton, Eda Lou (Mentioned in), Wright, Henry (Mentioned in), White, Philip R. (Mentioned in), White, Charles (Mentioned in), Weber, Max (Mentioned in), Wanamaker, Sam (Mentioned in), Young, Edward L. (Mentioned in), Chermayeff, Serge (Mentioned in), Cameron, D. Angus (Mentioned in), Burgum, Edwin Berry (Mentioned in), Brewster, Dorothy (Mentioned in), Bay, Howard (Mentioned in), Biberman, Herbert J. (Mentioned in), Biber, Joseph R. (Mentioned in), Blume, Peter (Mentioned in), Shapley, Harlow (Mentioned in), Schuman, Frederick L. (Mentioned in), Rogge, O. John (Mentioned in), Mann, Thomas (Mentioned in), Lawson, John Howard (Mentioned in), Koch, Howard E. (Mentioned in), Kenny, Robert Walker (Mentioned in), Hellman, Lillian (Mentioned in), Frazier, E. Franklin (Mentioned in), Du Bois, W. E. Burghardt (Mentioned in), Downes, Olin (Mentioned in), Carlson, Anton J. (Mentioned in), Butler, Allan Macy (Mentioned in), Pratt Fairchild, Henry (Mentioned in), Heym, Stefan (Helmut Flieg or Hellmuth Fliegel) (Mentioned in), Morss Lovett, Robert (Mentioned in), DeBoer, John James (Mentioned in), Pauling, Linus Carl (Mentioned in), Prausnitz, Paul H. (Mentioned in), Faulkner, Stanley (Mentioned in), Harkavy, Minna (Mentioned in), Schick, Béla (Mentioned in), Schnabel, Arthur (Mentioned in), Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (Mentioned in), Rosebury, Theodor (Mentioned in), Robison, David (Mentioned in), Refregier, Anton (Mentioned in), Davidson, Jo (Mentioned in), Popper, Martin (Mentioned in), Samrock, Victor (Mentioned in), Da Silva, Howard (Mentioned in), Mayer, Leo (Mentioned in), Scott, Robert Adrian, Montague, Pepperell W., Chermayeff, Serge Ivan, Du Bois, W. E. Burghaardt, Fairchild, Henry Pratt, Heym, Stefan
Language: English
From Place: New York City, NY (USA).
Archival Location: Albert Einstein Archives, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Number of Pages: 1.
  • Typed Letter Signed, in Photocopy (TLSX)

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