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Am 11. Dezember 1925 werden wir in der Lage sein, einer Begebenheit von seltener Bedeutung zu gedenken.

Archival Call Number: 2-153
Begin Date: 1925-08-15
End Date: 1925-08-15
Other Persons: Ames, Joseph Sweetman (Mentioned in), Arnold, H. D. (Mentioned in), Arrhenius, Svante (Mentioned in), Bjerknes, Vilhelm (Mentioned in), Bragg, William Henry (Mentioned in), Brillouin, Marcel Louis (Mentioned in), Brylinski, E. (Mentioned in), Cabrera, Blas (Mentioned in), Chwolson, Orest Danilovich (Mentioned in), Clark, A. L. (Mentioned in), Larmor, Joseph (Mentioned in), Langevin, Paul (Mentioned in), Kloumann, Sigurd (Mentioned in), Frank, Philipp (Mentioned in), Guillaume, Charles Edouard (Mentioned in), Guye, Charles-Eugène (Mentioned in), Haga, Hermann (Mentioned in), Hale, George Ellery (Mentioned in), Heger, Paul (Mentioned in), Jäger [Jaeger], Gustav (Mentioned in), Janet, P. A. M. (Mentioned in), Kiedron, J. (Mentioned in), Ioffe [Joffe], Abram Fedorovich (Mentioned in), Jewett, Frank B. (Mentioned in), Jeans, James Hopwood (Mentioned in), Wierusz-Kowalski , J. (Mentioned in), Knudsen, Martin Hans Christian (Mentioned in), Corbino, Orso Mario (Mentioned in), Coster, Dirk (Mentioned in), Curie, Marie (Mentioned in), Debye, Peter J. W. (Mentioned in), Dessau, Bernardo (Mentioned in), Eccles, W. H. (Mentioned in), Eddington, Arthur Stanley (Mentioned in), Edström, Johannes Sigfrid (Mentioned in), Lodge, Oliver, Sir (Mentioned in), Lefébure, Charles (Mentioned in), Laue, Max von (Mentioned in), Lasareff, P.P (Mentioned in), Levi-Civita, Tullio (Mentioned in), Fresnel, Augustin (Mentioned in), Maxwell, James Clerk (Mentioned in), Laue, Max von (Mentioned In), Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon (Mentioned In), Lodge, Oliver, Sir (Mentioned In), Lyman, Theodore (1874-1954) (Mentioned In), McLennan, J.C., Sir (Mentioned In), Mendenhall, Charles Elwood (Mentioned In), Meyer, Stefan (Mentioned In), Michelson, Albert A. (Mentioned in), Millikan, Robert Andrews (Mentioned in), Nagaoka, Hantaro (Mentioned in), Ornstein, Leonard Salomon (Mentioned in), Perrier, Albert (Mentioned in), Perrin, Jean Baptiste (Mentioned in), Philips, G. L. F. (Mentioned in), Planck, Max (Mentioned in), Pupin, Michael I. (Mihajlo) (Mentioned in), Sommerfeld, Arnold (Mentioned in), Rutherford, Ernest, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson (Mentioned in), Rice, E. W. (Mentioned in), Schuster, Arthur, Sir (Mentioned in), Semenza, G. (Mentioned in), Siegbahn, Manne (Mentioned in), von Siemens, Carl Friedrich (Mentioned in), Solvay, Ernest (Mentioned in), Straubel, R. (Mentioned in), Thomson, J.J. (Mentioned in), Van Aubel, E. (Mentioned in), Vegard, Lars (Mentioned in), Verschaffelt, J. E. (Mentioned in), Van der Waals Jr., J. D. (Mentioned in), Warburg, Emil (Mentioned in), Weiss, Pierre (Mentioned in), Whitney, E. P. (Mentioned in), Wien, Wilhelm Karl Werner (Mentioned in), Wolfke, Mieczyslaw (Mentioned in), Wood, Robert Williams (Mentioned in), Woodhouse, W. B. (Mentioned in), Záviška, František (Mentioned in), Kamerlingh Onnes-Bijleveld, Maria (Mentioned in), Zeeman, Pieter (Mentioned in), Fokker, Adriaan Daniël (Mentioned in), Arrhenius, Svante August, Bragg, William Henry, Sir, Cabrera Felipe, Blas, Lodge, Oliver Joseph, Perrin, Jean, Schuster, Arthur, Siegbahn, Karl, Thomson, Joseph John, Warburg, Emil Gabriel
Language: German
Archival Location: The Albert Einstein Archives, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Israel , Jerusalem
Number of Pages: 3.
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