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Grundgedanken und Methoden der Relativitäts-Theorie in ihrer Entwicklung dargestellt.

Archival Call Number: 2-70
Begin Date: 1920-01-23
End Date: 1920-01-30
Main Author: Einstein, Albert (Author)
Other Persons: Fresnel, Augustin (Mentioned in), Michelson, Albert A. (Mentioned in), Poincaré [Poincare], Henri (Mentioned in), Huygens, Christiaan (Mentioned in), Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon (Mentioned in), Maxwell, James Clerk (Mentioned in), Morley, Edward Williams (Mentioned in), FitzGerald, George Francis (Mentioned in), Newton, Isaac (Mentioned in), Grebe, Leonhard Ch. (Mentioned in), Bachem, Albert J. (Mentioned in), Bradley, James (Mentioned in), Faraday, Michael (Mentioned in), Eötvös [Eoetvoes] de Vásárosnamény, Loránd (Roland) von, Baron (Mentioned in), Doppler, Christian (Mentioned in), Descartes, René [Rene] (Cartesius) (Mentioned in), Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard (Mentioned in), Mach, Ernst (Mentioned in), Euclid (Mentioned in), Pythagoras of Samos (Mentioned in), Ricci-Curbastro, Gregorio (Mentioned in), Levi-Civita, Tullio (Mentioned in), Gauss, Carl Friedrich (Mentioned in), Poisson, Siméon [Simeon] Denis (Mentioned in), Laue, Max von (Mentioned in), Galilei, Galileo (Mentioned in), Minkowski, Hermann (Mentioned in), Baron Loránd Eötvös de Vásárosnamény[Eoetvoes], Roland von, Descartes, René [Rene], Riemann, Bernhard, Poisson, Siméon [Simeon]
Language: German
Archival Location: The Pierpont Morgan Library , USA , New York City, NY
Number of Pages: 35.
Digital CPAE: Volume 7, Doc No. 31

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