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The material appearing in these Einstein Archives Online pages is protected by copyright and its reproduction is restricted by law.


  • You may view or download the image to your workstation and store it, and you may make one hard copy without further permission, provided this is done for purposes of private study only.
  • You may also display the single personal copy for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur.
  • You may incorporate the URL for an image, but not the image itself, in your personal hypertext document. The purpose of this restriction is to preserve the integrity of the image by ensuring that image files are always downloaded directly from the Einstein Archives Online server.
  • You may not duplicate the image in any medium for another person or institution.


In accordance with standard academic and general practices, you must include the copyright notice and reference as found at the top of each digitized manuscript image and on the title page of the published version in any copy you make, whether in electronic or other form. In addition, please include "Courtesy of the Einstein Archives Online".


If you wish to reproduce material for publication in electronic or any other form, including but not limited to the uses listed below, you must obtain the written permission of the Albert Einstein Archives or Princeton University Press in advance.

  • Publication in any hard copy form (i.e. book, periodical).
  • Use in television, film or video.
  • Publication in any electronic form.
  • Duplication in any networked or public site, or in any "virtual library" (but you may incorporate the URL for certain material, though not the material itself, in your personal hypertext).
  • Public display in any form of electronic or hard copy (except for a single copy for use in an academic lecture of seminar).
  • Duplication by photocopying or any other means for use in any teaching pack.


For material originally published prior to 1971, please contact the Albert Einstein Archives at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to obtain permission to publish reproduction of material:


For unpublished material or for material originally published after 1971 or published in The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, please contact Princeton University Press to obtain permission to publish reproduction of material:


For merchandizing use of Einstein's text or image in commercials or advertisements in any media, including newspapers, magazines, television, film, or video, please contact the Corbis Corporation:

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